packet of rose incense sticks
incense sticks with rose fragrance, created by Bluntmax
Bluntmax premium incense packet
jasmine scented incense pack
12 pack of incense, cool water fragrance
strawberry scented incense sticks, by Bluntmax
baby powder scented incense sticks
12 pack of egyptian musk incense sticks
pineapple scented incense sticks
12 incense sticks with "kush" fragrance
frankincense incense sticks
"sex on the beach" incense sticks
coconut scented incense sticks
pack of incense sticks with sandal wood fragrance
vanilla scented incense sticks
Incense Sticks (Single Pack)

Incense Sticks (Single Pack)

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  • BluntMax Incense
  • 12 Different Fragrances
  • American Made
  • Hand-Dipped Incense
  • Long-Lasting Burn

Check out these top-notch incense sticks, made by BluntMax. You'll be able to select from 15 interestingly diverse scents! Each pack incorporates 12 sticks, each with a length of 11 inches. Hand-dipped and made in America, BluntMax Incense Sticks are long-lasting.